Introducing The Latest HP Latex Printers

Equipped to WIN BIG.

Amaze your customers with high value jobs. Get equipped with our latest technology that can help you boost your business. Print white without complexity.

HP Latex 700

HP Latex 700W

HP Latex 800

HP Latex 800W

HP Designjet XL 3600

HP's DesignJet Latest Models

HP CAD Printers

Easy and affordable.

Ideal for professional users, especially micro/small architect, engineering, and construction workteams that move between local and remote work sites and need easy, mobile printing.

T230 24" £25 Cash Back

T250 24" £40 Cash Back

T650 24" £50 Cash Back

T650 36" £75 Cash Back

HP Designjet XL 3600

HP DesignJet T230 24inch

HP DesignJet T250 36inch

HP DesignJet T650 24inch

HP DesignJet T650 36inch

HP DesignJet T230 24"

HP DesignJet T250 24"

HP DesignJet T650 24"

HP DesignJet T650 36"

HP DesignJet Studio Wood 24inch

HP DesignJet Studio Wood 24inch

HP DesignJet Studio Wood 24inch

HP DesignJet Studio Wood 24inch

HP DesignJet Studio
Wood 24"

HP DesignJet Studio
Wood 36"

HP DesignJet Studio
Steel 24"

HP DesignJet Studio
Steel 36"


HP DesignJet Studio Wood 24inch

HP DesignJet Studio Wood 24inch



HP DesignJet T630 24"

HP DesignJet T630 36"


HP Designjet Z6 & Z9 Printers

The new Z series impresses with its vertical trimmer, innovative colour technologies and photo quality prints.

HP DesignJet Z Printer series, both available in 24- and 44-inch formats, are built to give PSPs a competitive edge by enabling the fastest printing capabilities available on the market today.

Z6 Trade-In up to £525

Z9 Trade-In up to £600

Allow us to DemonstrateWe invite you to come and see
the latest HP Designjets & Latex printers in ACTION!

Call us on 0800 047 8192 to organise a demonstration at one of our many showrooms.

Open Days planned in Liverpool, Preston, Nottingham, Woking, Bradford, Sheffield (dates TBC).

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HP Designjet T3500 Print Copy Scan

Introducing HP Latex
Print and Cut

HP Latex Print and Cut will make Print Service Providers more productive; saving time and money.

Our tests prove that the HP Latex Print and Cut Solution outperforms the Roland VG 540, a typical integrated device, in terms of productivity, quality and value for money.

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HP Latex 115 Print & Cut
HP Latex 315 Print & Cut
HP Latex 335 Print & Cut

HP Wall Art

The demand for personalised interiors is rapidly growing. Create everything from wall paper to posters in a simple and easy-to-use way

From large retail units and spacious condos to boutiques and bedrooms, commercial and residential interior design has never been more exciting. Now we can help you capitalize on the growing demand for inspiring wall decorations with a range of HP products that will meet your every need.

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