HP Designjet Z6 Dual Roll PostScript with Trimmer®44" Printer (T8W18A)

Trade-In 44" Trim £700

+ Up to 5% Discount

The new Z series impresses with its vertical trimmer, innovative colour technologies and photo quality prints.

HP DesignJet Z Printer series, both available in 24- and 44-inch formats, are built to give PSPs a competitive edge by enabling the fastest printing capabilities available on the market today.

High-definition printing with fewer inks

New high-definition, dual drop technology HP printheads produce precise colours with smoother gradients, richer dark colours and with sharper details. The Z6+ range also comes with a built-in Spectrophotometer for ultimate fade-resistant gallery quality prints for indoors or out.

Z5400 Specifications

HP Designjet Z6 at a Glance

  • HP Pixel Control means sharp details and smooth graduations, even for the most challenging colour combinations
  • The new high-definition HP printheads means there’s no need for light inks
  • As the first printers to include integrated vertical trimmers, the Z6 cuts post-processing labour time by up to 20%
  • Print up to 2.5 times faster without any loss of quality using the 2400 nozzle-per-inch high-definition printheads
  • Handle even the most complex files with powerful processing architecture and the Adobe PDF Print Engine
  • The larger 775-ml HP ink cartridges, built-in take-up reel and long media rolls mean you can leave this printer to print alone, without human interaction.

High defenition color precision

Get more quality with fewer inks and clearly distinguish both subtle details and high-contrast color, thanks to high-definition HP printheads. Work freely indoors or out with fade- and water-resistant prints produced using HP Vivid Photo Inks.

Powerful file processing

Handle even the most complex GIS maps with powerful processing architecture and the Adobe PDF Print Engine.2 Plus, cut maps to different sizes in fewer steps with the first printer to include an integrated vertical trimmer.

Protect your work and information

Protect printers and data from unauthorized access with built-in security features including HP Secure Boot, whitelisting, and an encrypted hard disk.

HP Designjet Z6 Series