HP HD Pro 2 42-in Scanner (5EK00A)

Produce exceptional, high-quality results with HP's high-production HD colour scanner, with CCD scanning technology

Streamline workflows with incredible scan and processing speeds.
Improve efficiency and productivity with an enhanced feature set.
Enjoy easy integration with HP large-format printers.

Reproduce everything from technical documents to graphics – even damaged originals – with CCD scanning technology. Create large-format colour and monochrome scans/copies up to 1067 mm (42 inches) wide, even on thick[1] media. Produce incredibly accurate and high-quality scans with 1200 dpi optical resolution.

Accomplish more with incredible speeds – scan 33 cm (13 inches/sec) in either colour or monochrome.[3] Experience an uninterrupted workflow with advanced touchscreen controller that enables ultra-fast processing. Save time operating and managing your scanner with an intuitive user interface that requires less clicks to final scan.


HP HD Pro 2 42-in Scanner

HP HD Pro 2 42-in Scanner Specifications

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