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Affordable access to indoor and outdoor signage.

Gain versatility and enjoy convenient printing of indoor and outdoor jobs with the HP Latex 335 Printer. This affordable printer delivers print jobs fast, using healthier Latex water-based inks¹ and produces durable, scratch-resistant prints comparable to hard-solvent inks.

Large high quality prints and with eco standards with the new Water-based HP Latex 335. Achieve high image quality at a high productivity that also interacts with HP Latex Inks to rapidly immobilize pigments on the surface of the print.

Building on years of third-generation the best-selling sign and display printers ever are back with all-new technology assets. The new HP Latex 335 Printer delivers high image quality, productivity and durability, as well as environmental benefits and industry certifications, all now synonymous with water-based HP Latex Ink Technology.

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HP Latex 335

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