HP Designjet T790 Printer

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Enjoy plug-and-play simplicity with this large-format ePrinter.

The HP Designjet T790 PS ePrinter fosters teamwork and mobility; delivers high-quality results at fast speeds; and offers a level of simplicity that saves time and reduces costs.

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We have been awarded the status of 'First Partner GOLD' by HP Inc who recognise we have the expertise and know-how to install, network, demonstrate and provide staff training for HP's entire Wide Format Printing portfolio.

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HP Designjet T790
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Z5400 Specifications
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Easy and intuitive

  • HP ePrint & Share allows you to print to any HP Designjet printer without installing any drivers.
  • The T790 ePrinter's colour touchscreen enables intuitive operation and page previews.
  • Web-connected means automatic software updates occur every six months.
  • Create a print-ready PDF at the same time you print with HP ePrint & Share.

HP Designjet T790 at a Glance

  • Print up to two A1 prints per minute in Economode
  • Six-ink system has matte/photo black and grey inks


  • HP T790 PS
    24-in / 610mm PostScript (CR648A)
  • Produce fine detailed lines with 0.02mm minimum line width
  • 8GB virtual memory

Easy printing for small workgroups

With automatic software updates and fast printing, you’ll always produce great results quickly with crisp lines and detailed drawings, no matter how complex the project. Your prints emerge faster than ever. Web connectivity lets you print from virtually anywhere.

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Print from virtually anywhere

The HP Designjet T790 ePrinter offers web-connected printing, so you can harness the power of the cloud and print from a conference room, job site, at home, or on the go with HP Designjet ePrint & Share.

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HP T790 Benefits

High-quality, high-speed results

  • High-quality results; enjoy rich, dark blacks, vibrant solid colours and true neutral grays.
  • HP's innovative technology coupled with original HP inks gives you the freedom to produce fine, detailed lines and highly accurate drawings.
  • Print up to 2 A1/D-sized prints per minute in Economode and get the job done quickly without sacrificing quality.
  • Complex files are printed just as easily as simple ones with the T790e's 8GB of virtual memory.

Access and print files where the job takes you

  • PDF, JPEG and TIFF files can be printed directly from a USB drive; no computer required.
  • HP ePrint & Share allows you to print and share files directly from the colour touchscreen.
  • Print projects using the touchscreen via HP ePrint & Share.
  • Print remotely from your computer or mobile device to any large-format HP Web-connected Designjet.