Larger than Life Wall Decorations;

The demand for personalised interiors is rapidly growing. Create everything from wall paper to posters in a simple and easy-to-use way

From large retail units and spacious condos to boutiques and bedrooms, commercial and residential interior design has never been more exciting. Now we can help you capitalize on the growing demand for inspiring wall decorations with a range of HP products that will meet your every need.

Introducing HP WallArt

The HP WallArt Solution is available for FREE to users of the HP L26500 Latex printer. This easy to use yet intuitive design tool streamlines collaboration between you and your customers, improving workflow and so saving time. It’s a cloud based technology so it can easily be accessed by you and your customer and no special software or infrastructure support is required.

Create everything from wall paper to posters in a simple and easy-to-use way

Provide realistic visualizations with precise room details. This intuitive, design tool helps you ramp up quickly and requires no special software or infrastructure support.

Improve workflow and save time

The HP WallArt Solution allows you to view and modify graphics, manage image quality and scaling, produce "RIP-ready" PDFs of panels, and install quickly with advanced features that help you work more efficiently.

Streamline sharing and reviewing

HP's cloud-based technology simplifies and streamlines the review process and keeps everyone—your customers, production staff, and sales reps—in the loop.

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HP Latex 260 Printer
HP Latex 280 Printer

Discover a new market opportunity / develop your wall coverings business with HP Latex 260 or 280 Models and HP WallArt

  • Produce customized commercial, retail, and residential wall decoration from wallcoverings to posters
  • Easy, convenient sharing and collaboration enabled by HP cloud based technology
  • Streamline the review/approval process and keep everyone involved from your customer to production and sales

Enjoy easy and convenient printing

Prints are dry and ready to finish or use immediately. The output dries inside the printer, boosting productivity for double-sided print jobs, and allowing immediate finishing or use.

  • Take advantage of increased uptime that comes from automatic, reliable, low-maintenance printing.
  • Odourless prints meet high environmental standards; ideal for hotels, restaurants and schools
  • Harness the latest Latex technology from HP

Simple, easy-to-use design tool

  • Enter precise room dimensions and particular objects like windows and doors and generate realistic visualizations with a three-dimensional feel.
  • Create the design yourself or share the project with your customer using HP cloudbased technology so they can design it themselves.
  • Streamline the design review/approval process and keep everyone involved up to date with progress, from your customer to production and sales.
  • Improve your workflow efficiency with less manual processing.
  • Proprietary HP algorithms allow you to see clear pictures with low-resolution image expansion as well as provide accurate renders.

Sihl Wallpapers

Wallpaper Persomural Matt (180g) - Premium non-woven wallpaper coated with a porous inkjet layer, which offers a good colour gamut and high scratch-resistance.

Wallpaper Persomural Satin (195g) - High quality non-woven wallpaper coated with a satin inkjet layer that offers a good colour gamut and high scratch-resistance. Due to its properties this wallpaper can be applied to the wall with standard glue for fleece wallpapers without the need for additional protection.

Pre-pasted Wallpaper (225g) - High quality wallpaper coated with a satin finish providing outstanding colour brilliance and scratch resistance. Thanks to the paste back coating, activated by wetting it with water, it can be hung with no additional protection needed.

HP Designjet Latex Inks

Latex inks deliver vibrant, saturated colours using lower cost medias. With quick drying odourless printing and more choice of compatible print media they will help you expand your market potential and with less operator intervention potentially reducing costs by up to 30%.

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